Friday, July 19, 2013

Jackson Hole 2013 - Bison, Moose and Bears, oh my!!

Needless to say, this was a fantastic trip!!  Painting bison from life, landscapes and seeing some of the most incredible animals!!  Including seeing this grizzly sow and her three, count them, three (one is just behind her on the other side) cubs!!  Stopped at the "bear jam" standing in the back of my truck waiting for her to show her face a guy drives his big two story RV right in front of us and parks obscuring any hope of  a view. Looking disgruntled at him and he like "huh?", he asks if we wanted him to move. ? Really?  Just then the sow comes out and everyone goes bonkers.  This guy says, do you want to climb up on my RV for a better look?  Yes!  So I climb up and was able to get a ton of shots!!  Things work out . . . 
Oh, and then there are the paintings!

"Sage Crossing"  Sold!

"Evening Serenade"  6x9

"Aspen Song"  12x9

"Evening at the Cunningham's"  9x12

"Sweet Grass"  10x10

"The Colours of Evening"  10x8
The show hangs at the Craig Thomas Visitor Center, Grand Teton National Park until July 21, 2013.
And then there's the "rest of the story" . . .
The drive home involved mustangs (surprised?).   I decided I had time to drive the Wild Horse Scenic Tour outside Rock Springs.  The first picture was taken at the holding pens on my way to Jackson.  This is the life of a mustang after they've been rounded up :(
Compare to the life of a mustang on the range . . .

These were the first three I saw one ridge over from a jeep road I detoured on.  Thinking myself lucky to even see any horses, I drove on.

Then off in the distance I saw this handsome couple, pulled over and decided to hike out to get a closer look.  Moving to the rear of the bay I knew she would turn to face me so I could get a better look at both of them,

which is exactly what happened.  They are a stallion and mare and allowed me to get within a hundred feet of them with no alarm.
Driving on, and almost to the end, I saw these two young stallions just off the road!

My favorite of course this stunning bay roan!!!

What an incredible ending to such a fantastic week . . .
The End

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Traveler in Thyme said...

this bay roan...thank you for the images. I'm working on a little model horse who came spraypainted with these colours, and I wanted to paint him rose roan, but if I copy this beauty's markings, everyone will think it looks fake! Wow, what a guy! Thank you for the inspiration.
~Marcia Cash, Traveler in Thyme