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Color Tempurature Exercise
We are exploring color tempurature in both my weekly classes.  This exercise involved doing four 15 minute sketches in two lighting scenarios, one warm and one cool.  The top two in the first picture are done with cool light, one value notan and the other color.  The bottom two are done in warm light.  Then I took a photo of all four and converted it to greyscale on my computer to see how close my color values were to the original greyscale!

Commission 2011 - Sketch

Finished piece.  What a lot of fun it is to do something like this.  Thought it would be interesting to see what comes of those loose rather haphazard looking notan studies. While I got another painting done this week, this was by far the most rewarding.  I love doing figures

December 2, 2011

This is a color notan in preparation for a commission.  Colors in the photo are not exact I'm sorry to say. The palette is Cad Yellow, Cad, Scarlet, Quinocrodone Magenta, Thalo Green, Cerulean Blue Hue, and Ultramarine Blue plus Zinc White.  Not very limited but I think harmonious. To achieve complete harmony I need to get some of the bluegreen light on the red shirts, which can be done on the larger piece.

The concept is "kids having fun" exhibited by the bright, saturated colors.and the feeling of a carefree summer vacation enhanced by the simple composition.

December 1, 2011

Today I did a 4x6 of the scene outside my studio window with a limited palette of Quinocrodone Magenta, Cadmium Yellow, and Ultramarine Blue plus Zinc White.  I've never used the Magenta before so it was fun to mix and see what I came up with.  The photo is a little strong in color compared to the original but it was the best I could get.

November 30, 2011

This is a memory painting I did this morning.  As I was going out to let one of my horses out the rising sun was just hitting Steamer Rock with all it's color!! Took my breath away!  I took a few pictures at it's most intense moments then studied and tried to commit to memory the colors I was seeing.  This painting was done, not from the pictures but solely from memory.  I noted the intensity of the pinkish/orange coloring of the rock face, which turned a dull yellow within minutes, the grayed blue of the sky and the value change between it and the faint hint of a cloud above.  I also noted the color of the trees on top and the color of the trees in the foreground shadow.  It is simply an exercise to hone my skills of observation.  I used a limited palette of Cad Yellow, Cad Scarlet, and Ultramarine Blue, plus White.
Here is an untouched photo of the actual scene:

I can see my values and colors are a little off but it was fun to do!

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