Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Morning Serenade"

Showing at Arts at Denver, Denver, CO
My latest deer painting.   I love happening onto one or more doe just as the morning sun is reaching the meadows on the mountain.  They have a delicate, cautious way of stepping as they move through the tall grasses, drawn to finding out who you are they step closer and closer, curiosity trumping fear.  I'm glad to know I don't resemble a predator.  I've also learned that if you hold completely still they will approach.  I move only when their attention is elsewhere.  In this way I have been able to get quite close to them!  The click of the camera doesn't seem to bother them as they perceive no movement.


Dean H. said...

Beautiful Lani! Your understanding of nature shines through in this one!!!

Kim Rempel said...

Gorgeous light. You captured the moment perfectly.