Monday, June 24, 2013

"Roses, Ribbon, and Flow Blue"

Seems my Tuesday class has been on a still life roll!  I think we're all enjoying it and since I've been on a painting from life bent lately this direction has fit right in!  My shows are all done and I now get to paint what I want for awhile.  This is the time I enjoy experimenting with new ideas and revisiting old ones.  Many years ago I would travel from my home outside of Denver to Loveland to paint with the wonderful artist Lu Haskew.  She has since passed on but she was a wonderful mentor and friend and was always thinking of the next painting before she had finished the one she was on.  She painted six days a week 'til she was almost 90 years old!  Spring was always flower painting time and you could tell the time of year by which flowers we were painting.  This painting reminds me of her, roses, ribbon, and flow blue.

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Lynn Wrigley, Director said...

What a beautiful homage you credited to Lu. I could tell right away that this would be a Lu inspired painting. I'm sure you miss the days of painting with her. It just seems like she be at her studio painting long before anyone else would roll up to Studio Row.
Great painting, Lan.